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Fun with Context Free

Pizza shapes from red to orange with black and white outlines in a fractal design atop a green background.

Math is a tool that creates order and chaos in equal (or was it inequal?) measure.

Context Free Art is a simple art-generation context-free language that uses recursion (among other things) to generate images (and videos). I recently saw a post about it, and I decided to try it out. Then I found a folder in my files from 2013 where I had previously come across it and forgotten all about it.

While more suited to the abstract, it’s possible to create more traditional art with it, as seen in two of the four examples at the bottom.

Here is a sample input to the program:

// Sample input
// two slashes make a comment

// command to build:
// cfdg -s 1920x1080 -m 1000000 sample.cfdg sample.png

// cfdg the command
// -s set size to 1080p
// -m set the maximum number of shapes; helps in case of too much recursion
// [file].cfdg the input file
// [file].png the output image

// Required to kick things off.
startshape Sample

// Make a default background color (random)
CF::Background = [b rand(-0.5,-0.25) sat rand(0.25,0.75) h randint(360)]
// b is brightness; sat is saturation; h is hue

shape Sample {
    SQUARE [s 100 x -200]
    CIRCLE [s 100]
    TRIANGLE [s 100 x 200]

// s is size; x is horizontal position

There are three basic shapes available. Can you guess what they are?

From left, on a pink background: a black square, a black circle, and a black triangle.

And you can make your own shapes, using path declarations:

path ZA {
    MOVETO(-0.5, 0)
    LINETO(0, 1)
    LINETO(0.5, 0)
    ARCTO(-0.5, 0, -1)
    // STROKE()[]
    FILL() []

This example path creates a piece of pizza! Notice it has STROKE commented out. If you want, you can make outlined shapes using that.

From left, on a brown background: a white pizza slice shape, a black pizza slice outline, and a white pizza slice shape with a black outline.

Github: MtnViewJohn: context-free: Wiki has most of the details on how to use the tool, though you can also look at the gallery of the official website (linked above), where users have provided samples that include their source code.

Anyway, just a short writeup. Here’s some pictures I made with it:

On a green background, a cone-looking tornado kind of thing with colors shifting from green to yellow to pink to purple.
A misshapen earth-like figure with water, land, and clouds, seen on a space-like background.
A sky with clouds and sun above dirt filled with plants and a few trees.
A psychedelic swirl of green, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, and blue.

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