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Art: Sustainable Contraption

A wind turbine with solar panels, two gravity batteries (one cooperated with a carbon capture system), and a flywheel stands on a green hill on a cloudless, sunny day.

We’ve a climate problem.

A symmetry between the world’s need to transition to clean energy and practices on one hand, and the GOP’s need to change its policy portfolio to something non-toxic. Who will get there first?

All these Repubs seeking the nomination and not one is bothering to run against the party status quo? Where’s the choice? No fullthroated rebukes of a platform that is so antiquated it’s written on parchment?

Free tip to those looking to differentiate themselves from Donald John Trump: try being actually different from him. You fight fire with water (or special chemicals in case of grease fires), not with more fire.

But in the saner parts of the world the summer is turning out to be a showroom floor of climate-future. The applicable media departments are giving it some of the due coverage, but come next year during the elections, who expects a clear line to be drawn (by the political media) between the candidates who face the problem and the candidates who lie about what we see with our own eyes?

It’s enough to make our heads spin, in which case we should attach turbines to them to generate clean energy. Get some juice from our country’s debasement for once, I say.

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