Art: Playing card.

Art: Playing card.

The suit of cards makes the cardman?

I play a bit of solitaire on my computer. It’s a good little game. On GNOME, the Aisleriot Solitaire (GNOME Wiki: Aisleriot Solitaire) program actually has a ton of different forms of solitaire besides Klondike, and it also has support for different card styles.

I want to make my own card style, but I’m still trying to figure out what I want to make, so I figured I’d throw together a card just to think about it some more.

I’d like to come up with different suits to use besides the common clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades. But that’s rather open-ended. I don’t want to depart from the traditional card format entirely, and I don’t necessarily need to draw the new suits myself (there’s a decent selection of iconic symbols available from fonts, after all).

I do plan to make the card faces dark, or at least not white, but color particulars are also open-ended.

My first thought was to do some kind of tech suits, so I whipped up an oldschool floppy icon, and then I tried to think of three others. I thought of a 8P8C/ethernet connector, a CPU, made those, but felt it’d kind of bland so I stalled out a bit.

I thought about something more cyberpunk, like using the radiation symbol, the biohazard symbol, and two others, but what two others?

It’s a tricky problem, because you need four things that are either tenuously related or better, or completely unrelated. I mean, the traditional suits aren’t something you’d find together. The main thing they have going is being nice symbols.

I also considered doing something different with the usual suits, like making the diamond into something more crystal-like, the heart non-symbolic, or a robot theme where the heart is an oil pump, the diamond a power crystal.

I don’t have an answer, and I may never actually make a deck theme, but I do find it an interesting design problem.



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