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Art: Map of Fliqra

A map showing an ocean and seas next to a number of labeled landmasses with random names.

Given nothing is centered and only a few are whole, what is this a map of?

It’s not a real place. It has no story to go with it, though you can look at it and make your own. You can imagine what shaped the various borders and what the climate is like in these places.

For example, Aikimoosh looks like a rather aggressive place, though it could be the other way: that Aikimoosh was peaceful and had to fight off advances from the likes of Munrea (where the Aiks allied with Fissians), and they ceded access to the river and Lake Aik to Hiolcrisably. They’re probably okay with Guxintrop, though. They miss their border with Velmuck, which Dewlm took to gain access to Lagath Bay so they can have an overland route for traders from Maflid’s Land.

And maybe Aikimoosh is in talks with Pytogimpse to build a tunnel under the mouth of the Sea of Rourin to allow for better trade relations with the northerners.

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