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Abstract Art: shaped figures

A bisected aqua-colored pointy shape curves up to the right, crossing a green and red vertical shape. On the right half is a sky-blue irregular shape. Diagonal stripes over most of image. Green pointy border.

Sometimes a strange one slips through.

There’s an interesting article at Wikipedia: Bouba/kiki effect. I don’t know for sure which is which here. Probably kiki on the right, bouba in the middle (the green and red) and who knows what that one or two on the left are?

The diagonal lines and the border are so busy! They distract from the three figures. And they cover two of them. Is the third visiting the others in a cage? Or are we in the cage with that one?

The one on the right doesn’t seem as animate, though. It looks a bit crystalline. The middle seems to have sides to it, a facing side or belly and a backside. The one on the left has ends, but seems the most animate because it is kind of bent, though maybe it’s some kind of a plant-like creature? Growing out of thin air?

Art is weird! Why am I posting this hideous image?!

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