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Abstract Art: Abstract Art Gallery

Framed lines that loop back to the edge, filled with colors, partly cover a rectangle and a square containing the same contents but more saturation. The inner rectangles and squares contain noise.

Abstract art showings always draw the strangest shapes.

The shapes represent people at the art show, looking at facsimiles of themselves. (Their more colorful clones are looking at static. It’s very artistic, the static. Also because I didn’t want to clone the image down smaller and smaller.)

But it’s also an honest piece. What do we see when we visit a gallery if not ourselves? Not exactly, of course (unless someone’s put up a mirror, naturally), different versions of us from different places and times and who were able to make better art between wars or drinking too much, back when there were wars and drinking. Oh, right. So maybe a little too much like us after all.

I also like the jumble making it feel all crowded and everyone’s bending over each other to see. Because art-viewing should be like that, right? Everyone’s trying to get a peek, a vantage. Or wants to bounce around the frame to see it from different angles.

And they say true artists should never explain their work.

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