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bookStack 0.4.3

New version of bookStack features Firefox 3 support and some fairly major changes (enough to bump up to 0.4.3, anyway).

Get it while it’s hot: bookStack 0.4.3 in AMO Sandbox

Note this is only for Firefox 3.0b3 through the current preb5 releases. This extension will not work in Firefox 2.0

Documentation is now at: bookStack Google Code Project wiki

If you do try it, please please let me know what you think.

Finally, a few words of thanks to the awesome developers at mozilla and the community on the irc server that makes developing and using extensions possible. And to the people who made the new Places system in Firefox 3, it completely rocks.



Changes in 0.4.2:
* Dropped support for Firefox 2
* Now supporting Firefox 3b3+
* Fixed several memory leaks (observers that weren’t being properly removed when not needed), thanks to Leak Monitor extension!
* Added Multi-Stack support (one stack at a time)
* Independent settings for:
* Add items to top
* Clear on exit
* Remove items on view
* Added special Trash folder
* All items that are removed from a stack are moved here.
* It is cleared out on exit from Firefox
* Added sidebar context menu with keyboard support and accesskeys
* Items: Open in This Tab
Open in New Tab
New Item
New Folder
Copy Item Location
Move in Folder
Move to
{List of Folders}
Move to Trash
Purge Item
* Added aforementioned New Folder dialog
* Added sidebar menulist for choosing the current stack folder
* Added sidebar button to toggle between adding to top or bottom
* Removed Clear Stack Tools->bookStack menuitem (Tools menu only shows bookStack Settings item now)
* Removed Menu button (only sidebar button available to navigation toolbar now)
* Removed pop first button from sidebar (alt+c still does this)
* Removed ‘remove and view’ item from content area context menu
* Removed manual add button from sidebar (context->new item now does this)
* Rearranged Preferences dialog into general settings and stack settings

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