What Good Comes From This

Obviously I favor Democrats, but honestly they got plenty of problems that vex me too.

The political mystery it seems to me
Is why I ever thought it could be solved
When all the ones who run believe
In writing such repulsive laws

The right-wingers reject the facts that bear
Be it climate, labor, COVID, or on healthcare
On the left they still give shrugs
When asked to lower the cost of drugs

Right side thinks that war is grand
They would have stayed in Afghanistan
The libs are such a bunch of hacks
They would make vapers pay a twenty-times tax

And neither side it must be mentioned
Will legislate experiments
Will plant the gardens let it grow
To wait and learn what next to sow

That neither side affords a challenge
In primaries they want incumbents
Prefer the teammate to opponent
Even if that jerk’s unhinged

In states both red and blue
Districts shaped like lizard or shoe
And the Supreme Court won’t add two to two
That question is political, so fuck you

In the Senate the talking rule
Keeps the law old, mean, and cruel
All the good ideas we have
Are drowned in the saucer’s bath

In the House the seats so few
One hundred years boy how they flew
As decades’ population growth accrue
There ain’t room left in that zoo

Republicans are too far gone
That I would ever consider them
But as long as Dems are wrong
I vote for them, but look to heaven

Deliver us some better souls
Who will advance the worldly goals
That would relieve our nation from
These pains created by humans

Sorry for the bad poetry. If it’s a consolation, it’s better than the worse one I wrote before.

The closing lines should be read, by theists to mean aliens should bring forth their government experts to help us, and by atheists to mean that God should send His choirs to help us.

Have a nice day.




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