The GOP-friendly police of Minnesota are trying to deter protests. Won’t they ever learn? Liberty isn’t a suit you wear to church. It’s every day.

Ah, the RNC will soon be kicking off and as I’m sure you’ve read from various news sources as I have, the Minneapolis and St. Paul area police (and apparently the J. Edgarites, too) have been given warrants that logic dictates violate the 4th Amendment the the Constitution of the United States of America.  They’ve been raiding the homes of citizens and of protest groups without oath or affirmation supporting these warrants.  These raids are part of an effort to preemptively disrupt the peaceful assemblies to protest the RNC this week.  They’ve been acting like a bunch of stinking idiots and yet their activities are publicly funded.

Anyway, this stuff makes me pretty angry and only serves to affirm my beliefs about the GOP as a corporate-fueled death machine bent on the violent and wholesale ownership of the future of mankind.  Sigh.  And that’s not at all to say that all Republicans are part of it or that one hand even knows what the other is doing.  These cops and their bosses think of this as business as usual and that’s probably true: given the authority to conduct these liberty-suppression activities they probably serve the interests of their employers as the media mostly ignores them and what little they do cover serves to reinforce the average American’s belief that some folks wanting to protest war and corruption are bleeding-heart hippies that don’t contribute to society.

I feel that they do contribute and that their cause is just.  Here are some sources of information about these raids and I’m sure that these sites can lead you to more details about what’s going on in Minnesota:

That’s just a handful I’ve pulled quickly.  Also note that the links may not be targeted to specific details of the current activities, so if you are looking at this post in the medium-to-long term you’ll probably have to search those sites for details on these events.


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