Free China!

Dear Tibet,

Please release China from under your control and allow them to be a free and separate state that they long to be. This has gone on for too long*.

It is the right of man to be free. You are impinging this basic, fundamental, and most sacred right of man. It must stop.

The Tibetan Olympics, to be held in the near future, should be boycotted by all free peoples of the world to send a clear message to Tibet: suffering is caused by attachment. Only by liberating China will Tibet be at peace.


* A recent survey by People for the Universal Rights of People Living on Earth found that 58 years is exactly 59 years longer than one nation (in this case Tibet) should occupy another (China), assuming that at least one of them is full of Buddhists. In the case of non-Buddhist-filled countries it’s 58 years too long.



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