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Wired-Marker is a great new Firefox extension found in the Mozilla Addons sandbox. I think it’s worth checking out.

In the Mozilla Firefox Addons Sandbox there’s a really great extension: Wired-Marker.

The website (English)
The website (Japanese):

It is created by BITS Co., Ltd. a BioInformational company.

This extension lets you add “markers” to any portion of a webpage. It tracks them and you can easily return to them later. The actual markings are customizable with respect to background, text, and border. You can save the style of markings for future use.

But what’s really great about this extension is you can export & import markings. This means you can send others your markings as part of deliverable artifacts on a project. Professors can now annotate their lectures with these markings and students can readily access the marked content for reference.

There have been many occasions where I find myself jumping between disparate points on a single, lengthy web document. That’s not a problem anymore. You can now save these points and jump between them. If it helps, you can add change the look so that the portion you jumped to “jumps out” at you.

For software developers, anyone doing web research, and anyone that’s trying to share information I have to recommend you use this. If you don’t you’ll be wasting time locating the same information you already found rather than putting it to use.


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