Thankful for Tomorrow

Today the nation faces new challenges, many perpetrated by its own government. From healthcare to taxes, immigration to civil rights to voting rights, corporate pollution and corporate tyranny, our government is causing broad mayhem and ungreatening.

But tomorrow the people will respond. We will have universal healthcare. We will have a working tax system with an IRS funded to protect the revenue. We will have a working immigration system that allows economic refugees to come and work while protecting our borders. We will see the rise of voter registration and voter participation. There will be a fairer criminal justice system that works to let those who can reform rejoin society for our mutual benefit and only sequester those who pose an ongoing danger to us. We will have an earth healing from the spoiling of unchecked industry. And we will put people at the top of the list, ahead of profits.

It is a world where the bigots and buffoons have been driven out of government. Where women can work alongside men without fear of harassment. It is a world where your race or accent are no more important to others than your place of birth or your birthweight. Physical facts, but nothing to decide employment or inclusion upon.

Tomorrow we will have an Internet unfettered by the greed of the few corporations, be they ISPs or social networks or search engines. We will design around whatever hairbrained schemes they design against us. We will route around the damage.

Tomorrow we will change the laws to drive out corruption and not merely punish it. We will erase the stupid and broken legacy designs, replacing them with modern systems that do more with less.

We will teach and learn of things that today our own government makes impossible. We will deal with the fallout of climate change, building systems to mitigate the threats to our cities and farms. We will go and explore space.

Thanks, tomorrow!


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