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How to Build a Blanket Fort

In these trying times, we all just want to feel safe and stable. There’s nothing better for that than a blanket fort.

First, tell all your staffers to stay out! Next, go to the East Wing and get some blankets and bring them back to the Oval Office.

Now, you have to decide whether to build on the land as-is, or if you want to prepare the site. Both have tradeoffs. Site preparation takes more time, but offers a more customized fort.

The true shape of the scandal gripping this administration is still not known. New wounds were revealed in the possibility of obstruction efforts by the president. We still have no direct evidence of collusion with the Russian Federation, but we still have no real explanation why Trump keeps going out of his way to show loyalty to them.

There are also the ongoing questions of emoluments to the president, his financial situation, and other vague feelings of corruption.

The tuck method gives you the option to use extra pillows to line your fort’s floor (this is essential if you are also pretending the floor is democrats). But it is less secure than using pillows to anchor the blankets.

Even if Trump is cleared, the government as a whole is still miles away from where we really want it to be. Bipartisan, compromising, working to ensure the rights and liberties and lives of the people? Please. And this presidency has shown no desire to bring us there.

We badly want a functional government that we can all be proud of, but this pall has stayed over us as we all huddle in our blanket forts, hoping that the storm will clear and we can go back outside and play.

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