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At 100 Days, Why are You President?

Obviously because you were elected, but that’s not what I’m asking. I’m asking: what is it that you’re there to do?

On healthcare, it’s to let the House Republicans craft a bill you’ve shown no real input on, which you were ready to see passed half-baked and to the end of making the situation much worse. That doesn’t seem like a good reason to be in Washington.

On tax reform, it’s to give yourself a nice big cut, something you would have gotten with any Republican, regardless of the deficits it would bring. What is particular to you that this tax change will bring? Nothing, so far.

On immigration and trade, you seem prepared to go the extra mile to be cantankerous, but there are no benefits. The same on environmental policy, and it’s looking that way on foreign policy as well. If being a jerk is your signature achievement, history shall not look kindly upon you.

Personal enrichment? You have enough money that any further embellishment of your wealth is simply a compulsion disorder at this point. And any gain to you as president is staining the nation. Why bother?

You were going to crack down on the drug companies, and then you blinked.

I can’t figure out why Donald Trump is president.

There’s nothing he’s done that any severe Republican wouldn’t have done. He’s not putting his touch on anything or making any deals happen. It just seems like a waste of time. He was elected to shake things up, when all he’s done is tumped a few things over and nothing more.

Upon the announcement of his one-page of bullet points tax plans, they didn’t even bother to put the document up on the White House website. On healthcare, he still has not given a major speech to explain the policy. And so on.

I don’t get it. Why be president if you don’t have the courage to stand up for first-class healthcare for all Americans (“America First”)? If your tax plan is just to promise everybody pays very little and supply-side will MAGA?

Such a sad waste. Such a poor showing. We’re not seeing leadership. We’re seeing what the US will look like running on autopilot with a side of petulant outbursts for the next four years. What a sad, sad mess.

Looking on the bright side, less than 80 weeks until the midterms.

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