A poem to respond to the Republi-can’t anti-liberty legislative harassment of students, teachers, communities, and families.

They took five whole letters out the A-blank-Cs,
In science they banned the birds and the—Jeez!
Of Shakespeare at the Globe, you must gag,
That Juliet was played by a boy in drag
Next door in art, keep your paints apart:
If kids knew colors mixing makes another,
That we’re each of us a pretty hue,
They’d be glad to know Sami’s got two mothers,
Heck, Pat’s being reared by her adult brother,
And that we all make up one great tableau.

Now we all want what’s best, don’t know what,
But these mean old laws are a punch in the gut,
To kids whose bodies feel all kinds of wrong,
Who know the other bathroom’s where they belong,
Nobody’s saying to teach first-graders about S-E-X,
But you can’t treat kids like they’re under a hex,
Growing up, school is hard enough without
Goat hill jerks adding division and doubt,
The kids and teachers deserve our support,
Not callous laws to be debated in court.

As for the doctor bill, it says no treatments allowed,
Another small-government effort that’s made the news,
That says false Christian-supremacists get to choose,
What happens with the bodies of the rest of the crowd,
Freedom and property begin in our bones,
Of our own bodies we sit upon thrones,
If our mortal vessels impede our lives,
It is our right to alter them until we thrive,
Wisdom says go a step at a time, cautious and slow,
Which is a far different outcome than a bigoted “No.”


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