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You can’t patent an ancient tradition… but that doesn’t stop people from trying.

This is stupid. Very very stupid.

Look. If someone patents Yoga, some aspect of Yoga, ignore them. They don’t exist. They are figments of your imagination. I don’t care if they carry badges or swing gavels and speak legalese. They are full of shit.

You can’t patent Yoga, and even if you could the karmic implications of doing so would be so disastrous as to completely implode anyone who tried to profit off such a move.

I can understand the outrage, but if you end up in court (and you should — don’t just pay a settlement, go to court) you’ll have ample opportunity to show 5,000 year old prior art and can recoup any debts you incur in doing so. You can even make a hefty sum in counter-suit for patent trolling.

No Yoga Patent For You!

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