YouTube Censo… Descri.. Bad

A look at a failure of the DMCA: the unfortunate and indirect censorship of human communication.

Slashdot‘s story about Free Speech on the internet. The part I’m focusing on (as the Slashdot comments do as well) is the story of Mr. Nick Gisburne. He’s atheist and likes to make videos discussing why. Primarily his videos have focused on Christianity, but he recently posted one about Islam.

And then all his videos and his account were promptly wiped out. So much for “don’t be evil.”

[this link is no longer valid, check the link to his site below for more information including his explanation]His explanation of what went down.

[this link no longer valid : they removed the video again : available in AVI format here]The Video that caused it.

Everything points to YouTube getting a bunch of complaints which claim the video was somehow inappropriate; YouTube simply caved to the pressure. That’s hardly free speech, and it sounds a lot like resistance is futile.

And that’s a big problem with the culture of this planet. Not just America, not just the West. The world. Earth. And so when you see companies like Google (parent of YouTube) come around… companies composed of intellectuals, of geeks, you hope for change.

They’re people that have to have a few spare cycles not looping on calculating their bank accounts’ interest, or on some other worthless venture like how to ruin peoples lives so that they’ll do your bidding… no no, sorry. You fail cynicism 101. They’re the same stock as the rest of the assimilates.

It’s pathetic. It’s the recent Boston Bleat-party and the allowance of Presidential autocracy. It’s the Campaign for a New Viet…Iraq and it’s the god damned Reich 2.0.

No, obviously what YouTube did isn’t as bad as all that and really none of those things are equatable. Yet they are comparable in the sense they are all fundamental breakdowns of the ability to think. The removal of one man’s account without cause will be held as no big deal… especially to the mauve faced von Mises sorts that will say “it’s a private business and they can do as they please.”

Sure it is, but then it’s your duty to stop using their service unless you condone the behavior or they repair the damage they’ve done.

And the whole thing was probably automated. I doubt anyone really looked at his videos at the company and said, “wow, yeah… this should not be available. This is a brain virus that’s just going to get everyone fired right up and… they’ll start swallowing their own tongues!” Nah. If so, whoever they give that authority to needs a check up with a good philosopher.

I have no interest in living in a world where the irrationality of my fellow man can take away my rights, or my irrationality can take away another’s rights. Plain and simple. If you feel differently, that’s more than fine, that’s great.

But if you take action on that feeling, to actually restrict my ability, you break the contract and any bond to me and mine. And that’s the linchpin that, when pulled, causes the passenger cars to get away from the engine pretty damn quick.


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