Sidebar Philosophy

The sidebar is for going elsewhere, and delicious is good at what it does.

I like the idea of having a portion of the page here dedicated to whatever I happen to scrounge that is interesting.

As a result for a long time now I’ve been using Google reader coupled with RSS to relay news onto this page. And then I’d find occasionally that some other item that wasn’t in my feeds that I wanted to share, so I created another category for that purpose. But it was a pain and rule number 1 of life is KISS because otherwise people generally avoid that behavior.

So I finally broke down and thought about it. Now I’ve got a extension installed and the widget pointing at the RSS of that account. I can drop stuff in from my news reading or anywhere, just by adding it to my account. Good.

And that is a nice lead in to what should and shouldn’t be in a sidebar/widget.

Space is limited, so content doesn’t really belong there. It should be all about finding or going to other content from the content you’re at. I think I do that pretty well.

So, other than that… this is just a general notice of intent.



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