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Sidebar Links: the balance

Still trying to find the right balance for a sidebar. Beats actually posting, right?

The delicious Firefox extension is in alpha for Firefox 3. Unfortunately it looks like it will be a little heavier weight than anything I’d want to have installed.

If you use delicious a lot it’s great. You can basically replace the Firefox bookmark system with delicious. It’s still a bit buggy but it’s far enough along to see how useful it would be; that’s if you want to use delicious that way.

My main reason for using delicious was to throw links I found on there in real time to be added on the sidebar here on this site. Basically a “this is what caught my eye, you can check it out if you want” situation. I’d done that previously with google reader and it worked okay. Then I tried doing it manually with the wordpress built-in blogroll system. Neither of those were quite what I was looking for.

So then I tried the delicious extension for Firefox 2. It was light-weight enough, and smooth enough to use; that worked well for awhile. Then I switched to Firefox 3.

So now it looks like I’m going to dump delicious, at least for now. The extension has enough bugs at this point to, well, bug me. Once it’s further along in development I may go back to it, but for now it seems to be interfering with my extension’s loading properly. Whether that’s a bug on delicious’ part or a “feature” remains to be seen.

Now I’m giving twitter a try. The main problem is that it doesn’t allow for links as far as I can tell. On the actual site it’ll link a URL, but in the sidebar they’ll just show as text. Not ideal.

All I really want is a simple way to add URLs to the sidebar for things I don’t necessarily want to write about but are worth recognizing.

Alas. Don’t really feel like writing that.

I guess my solution for now is:

  1. Keep the twitter around just because it’s an easy way to add random little thoughts (but no links)
  2. Start posting when before I’d just throw the link in whatever would show up on the sidebar
  3. Dump the sidebar RSS thingamajig
  4. Go to sleep, it’s late.

Night all.

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