A Word on Audio

Good audio is essential for amateur video.

If you make a video or audio clip and put it on the internet for general consumption, please make sure there are two channels of audio if it’s stereo.

Why? Because it’s very fucking unsettling to listen to stereo audio that only has either the left or right channel through headphones.

It gives the sensation of being deaf in one ear. You hear fine in one ear, and nothing but some static in the other. The logical conclusion for the brain to make is “hey, something is preventing my hearing in the other ear and I don’t like it.”

I can understand. You use speakers. You can hear one-channel stereo audio from both ears when it comes out of a speaker, because the sound is not directed only to one ear. Maybe most people use speakers. But I don’t, and some other people don’t, and it’s a completely trivial and simple thing to mirror the channel you have over both channels so that I don’t go crazy when I view your video clip.



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  1. […] commits one of the biggest sins in online video in my book, one I wrote about way back in May 2006 (A Word on Audio), having stereo sound with only one channel of audio. I listen with headphones, so it’s like […]

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