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Housekeeping site note.

So the width of the page is now 980 meaning you should be viewing the site with at least 1024×768 resolution. If you _are_ viewing at that resolution and it’s still too wide, please leave a comment and I’ll make it a little narrower.

The good news is, I’m now running debian linux. Aside from enjoying the ends and outs of the operating system, it also makes it much easier for me to run a local clone of this site (which makes tinkering less of a pain). So hopefully I’ll be able to do some better stuff in terms of layout/design in the future with it.

(ignore if you’re not interested in linux, and probably even then)
I’m running gnome on Xorg with alsa for the sound; finally got fglrx to compile (though I had to switch out the symlink of gcc to do so). I’m pleased to discover VLC has debian nightlies. For now it’s still a pretty vanilla setup. Whenever I actually get further into themes/skins I’ll post a screenshot. It’ll probably still be cleaner than not though; as pretty as some of the skins/themes you can find are they aren’t functional for me. And I guess I (try to) put usability over aesthetics.
(okay, it’s over)

Of course, for now I just stretched out the existing header background to accomodate the new page width… I also made the sidebar a little wider as I noticed the search button was wrapping under the searchform. Not a big deal (apparently it (did?) that with IE too). I haven’t booted to windows lately so I haven’t checked to see if it still does.

Anyway, if you have any usability issues/comments on the design of the site, or anything, drop a comment and let me know. Even if you just hate the color green.

Thanks, and goodnight.

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