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Recycling Oil

Recycling becomes more attractive as the price of oil rises.

Lots of stories lately about how manufacturing costs are going up as a result of the rising price of a bucket of oil. To recap those in short:

Oil is in damn near everything. From dildos to dvds, skyscrapers to backscratchers. They make up a lot of packaging even when they aren’t in products themselves. That new thing you bought last week was nestled in an mold specially made for it. And since all this crap is made out of or with oil, their prices go up. Since they have to be transported from the manufacturer to the distributor to the store to your house, the price goes up.

Enter: recycling…


Sun shining down at a low angle breaking across the street with house shadows long. Dew on the grass. A trashcan sits next to a driveway. We HEAR light, whimsical music gradually increasing in pace.

We HEAR the ROAR of a truck MIXED with an increased FERVOR in the music.

A recycling truck enters the frame. We HEAR: “DUN DUN DUUUNNNNN” and music HALTS.

As the price of oil rises, we will find it more and more desirable to reclaim oil that was used to make packaging and other products and recycle them. We’ll also see recycling become available in more places and of more types. Currently, for instance, the company that collects my recyclables does not recycle most of the types of plastic. That will likely change as they become more valuable and as recycling methods are streamlined.

That is all.

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