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Dutch Court Guilty

A Dutch court ruled that discussions of the tentative location of infringing content constitutes infringement of copyright in and of itself. This post and all links herein are believed to be free of infringing content.

A Dutch court to be charged with piracy copyright infringement.  Same Dutch court ruled that discussions of the general locations of infringing content constitutes copyright infringement.  A team of investigators has uncovered in their very court documents references to places that house or serve infringing content, which qualifies as a violation.  While the court is expected to plead not guilty by reason of sovereign immunity, legal experts believe that the entire Dutch court system will have to recuse itself, and a summary judgment will be awarded to the content industry.

Damn.  (See Boing Boing: Dutch court rules that discussing piracy [sic] is the same as committing piracy [sic]; link is believed to be free of infringing content, but if you really want to get your hands on some infringing content simply visit Google)

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