How unamerican has America become?

Not taking responsibility for one’s actions is unAmerican.

Whether you fail to respond to the biggest attack on the homeland in history or the biggest hurricane to hit the homeland in recent history, it’s unAmerican.

It’s unAmerican to torture or hold men without trial, without any of their god given rights. To keep secret prisons where people are tortured is not American.

To use your religion, your marriage, for political, social, and economic gains is unAmerican.

And to use fear to convince others of the necessity of your actions and policies is completely unAmerican.

It’s unAmerican to choose to ignore science, be it the science of the human body or the science of the global climate.

And not American to ignore intelligence and plead falsehoods as a pretext to war. To remain occupiers, having not given the native people a timetable or promise of evacuation is simply unAmerican.

To abuse the media, to abuse the basic human characteristic of communication is also unAmerican.

To silence peaceful protests with violence or the threat thereof is not American, nor is spying and seizing the voices, culling phone records, tapping the wires, when without court-granted warrant as provided by the Constitution.

But these are the actions of the American President. Of the American government. These are American.

And therefore I can no longer call myself an American for so long as these deeds continue and as long as they are not resolved. They are utterly foreign and contemptible.

So, I am unAmerican; won’t you join me?


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