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GimpWork 0

Just a quick note on the Gimp. Maybe I do this regularly, we see.

I regularly see “photoshop” tutorials to make this or that.  Here is one to make an apple: Preview

And here was the result I got:

Except I used the Gimp instead of photoshop and I’m not the most artistically inclined person either.

I think it came out alright on the whole.  My colors and stem and shadows and highlights and reflections and shapes and … well it’s not perfect, but like I said I suck at photoshop/gimp.  Just imagine what a real artist could do with the Gimp.  99% of what an artist could do with photoshop they could do with Gimp.  And there are probably some things they can’t do with photoshop they can do with Gimp.

All I’m saying, if I can come pretty close to making a realistic looking image, there’s no room left for artists to bitch (except maybe the lack of native CKMY or whatever it’s called).