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It’s Christmas 2021.

Glad to see what can be made of 2022 and to place 2021 in the closed books of the past.

This being the final post of 2021, and also coming on Christmas day, here’s hoping you’re having a quiet holiday of cheer and relaxation. And here’s a wish that your 2022 will be better than your 2021 has been.

Often in life we find ourselves both moving and standing still at once. We like to feel busy, to feel the ground moving away, to glance back and see how far we’ve come, but the perspective of the mountain ahead often makes us feel we’re getting nowhere.

A pandemic amplifies the effect. It seems as though every day there’s a new challenge or an old one has come back. But the end of the year is a reminder things weren’t always this way. That things do change. As sure as there was a before to the pandemic, and to a million other pests that crop up, there will be an after.

So ring in the new year! Change, change! Change that final digit to one more! Another step up the ladder toward infinity, perhaps.

See you in 2022.

Dang Popes

The Catholic Church is just another business, and their decision to continue to bar women as priests is just a business decision.

The Catholic Church’s rules regarding priesthood are against Christ’s intentions:

The Church says it cannot change the rules banning women from the priesthood because Christ chose only men as his apostles.

I’m guessing they use the same reasoning to justify their prohibition against priests marrying, too.

As I’m sure has been said before, if they follow Christ’s decisions so strictly only Jewish men over 1,950 years old or so should be eligible.

As far as Jesus is concerned his life was pretty much a testament to message over medium. That is, of course, the exact opposite of the Catholic Church (and don’t worry Protestants, you commit many of the same sins as your brethren do).

Jesus was all about the message. Love thy neighbor and all that jazz.

But that got turned into an institution. It’s like people who take charades too seriously. God bless them, with their fancy rules and the tazers they use if you “accidentally” mouth a word to someone. They’re so darn cute, but they’re also assholes. They’re cute if you’re nowhere near them.

No, seriously. Read about the Scientologists as if they were a device in some novel and it’s got some real intrigue. The fact that they, president Bush, et al. actually exist is the shame of it.

Back to the subject, Catholicism.

All I’ve really got to say to the adherents of any formalized religious system is that it’s all about the message. It’s not about rules. If you can’t hear that, then I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t know it if your God was throwing ice cream cones at you. And that’s sad, because maybe he is and maybe you like ice cream.