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Google Chrome: N Browsing Technology

Just a short note about the forthcoming Google Chrome browser (to be launched tomorrow). Looking at the Google Notebook leak, no Linux-y Goodness ™ just yet. 🙁

Looks like tomorrow Google will release their own open source browser called “Google Chrome.”

It features:

  1. Prominent tabbing (the top of the browser is composed of tabs)
  2. Threading (each tab is its own process)
  3. Integrated Googleness (Gears, integrated Google searching, etc.)
  4. V8 Javascript VM (faster? remains to be seen)
  5. Webkit rendering (a la Safari, Konqueror)

I called it “N Browsing Technology” because of the threading aspect.  It will be interesting to see how they handle that.  The comic they put out admits to higher memory use initially, but it’s not yet clear how small each thread will be and how much sharing is possible between the instances (that’s partly OS dependent anyway).

It will be interesting to see whether this is a Windows-only release or Windows+Mac or if they’ll actually hit us with a Zero-Day Linux Release ™.

Not holding my breath on that one, but that would be a pleasant surprise.

It will also be interesting to see if they have taken a note from Mozilla and made this extension-friendly or not.

Anyway, it’s exciting even if it doesn’t replace Firefox as my browser of choice.  Certainly will try it out tomorrow (if there’s a linux version, of course).

Bah.  Some more news seems to suggest the initial release will be Windows-only.  I am not installing Windows, not even to try Google’s browser out.

Update: The other notable about this release is the fact that they are using what appears to me to be some kind of temporary 404 that isn’t part of their regular system.  My guess on this is that whatever their webservers are (probably some distant cousin of Apache at this point?) they have a redirect level that allows them to redirect to a static file and someone threw it together just to have the ease of waiting until X:xx o’clock and “flipping the switch” (probably just swapping out a conf somewhere).

Also, I find the choice of name interesting as Mozilla heavily uses the term chrome to refer to its UI.


bookStack 0.3.5

0.3.5 announcement of the Firefox extension bookStack.

For those who haven’t been keeping up with bookStack on its page it’s now up to 0.3.5 and pretty good with respect to features, stability, and customizability.

Also of note is that the Netscape browser is finally going away which means that there will no longer be a Link Pad as Netscape 9 had. As of February that browser is no more.

A quick rundown of where the extension is now and where it will likely go in the following months:

Added drag & drop support, support for customized viewing options, more sidebar control of useful preferences. A lot of code cleanup, as well. The 0.3.X branch has mainly focused on stability and better integration into the browser.

What’s next? Probably will look at multiple-stack support where the user can easily switch between stacks, add stacks, remove, and merge stacks. The goal there is to allow multiple ‘projects’ to be handled simultaneously through the stack archetype.

I’d like to look at adding a context menu to the sidebar. There may not be enough items to justify it, but that will depend, at least in part, on how the multi-stack ends up being implemented.

And sooner or later (sorry to those who have requested it already) I’d like to get this running with Firefox 3. There are still some instabilities from what I can tell with the Fx3 code that make me wary of going too far in porting bookStack over, but the code is much cleaner for bookStack as I can finally shed the RDF quirkiness and use the utensils Firefox 3 offers for managing the bookmarks.

Thanks for all the feedback on bookStack and I hope to continue to develop it and help make it easier for people to optimize their browsing.


Final Stretch to 0.1.1

bookStack extension version 0.1.1 is here. Now available in the official mozilla add-ons sandbox section.

[Updated August 7, 2007] bookStack

I’ve made a video demonstration directed toward Wikipedians, but I haven’t found a good hosting solution yet. Due to the size (resolution) of the video (1056×976) YouTube and Google will both resize it. It’s about 4 minutes in length and currently 16.6 Mb. I may try to make another one at smaller resolution.

I’ve gone ahead and put 0.1.3 up here as well as submitted it to the sandbox side of the official mozilla add-ons site.

[0.1.3 because it’s GPL 2.0 now.]

Hopefully I’ll get some feedback there as to what I should change.

As far as this site goes, I’m currently looking at where I want to add some of the elements I removed at the top to make it a bit more functional.