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Abstract Art: Intersecting Circles.

Simple and calm, restful. For a week with a timechange.

The wash effect over this is pretty good. Could be better, but if you ignore the bad parts the good parts are great. Probably a lesson in that, about optimism, looking on the bright side, that kind of thing.

I keep saying to myself I want to make a simple image, and I keep failing. I always want to add more. It’s hard to do minimalism, partly because it feels like the effort isn’t enough if you don’t have to tweak and add and replace a lot.

The simplest to do would be a single-color canvas. That feels like there’s not even an image. It’s just whatever color. It still has some level of meaning, but it’s not very much unless there’s some context to it, like coinciding with a calendar day (say St. Patrick’s) and being a related color (green).

But mostly I try to tell some kind of story with my images, even if it’s a vague story or you have to do most of the work like imagining this image above is on a wall somewhere, what wall, what year, that kind of thing.