This is stupid. Very very stupid.

Look. If someone patents Yoga, some aspect of Yoga, ignore them. They don’t exist. They are figments of your imagination. I don’t care if they carry badges or swing gavels and speak legalese. They are full of shit.

You can’t patent Yoga, and even if you could the karmic implications of doing so would be so disastrous as to completely implode anyone who tried to profit off such a move.

I can understand the outrage, but if you end up in court (and you should — don’t just pay a settlement, go to court) you’ll have ample opportunity to show 5,000 year old prior art and can recoup any debts you incur in doing so. You can even make a hefty sum in counter-suit for patent trolling.

No Yoga Patent For You!


That ‘Religion’

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Those, my friends, are the terms of use listed on a webpage of some religion. And there is a big problem with that religion. I don’t know what religion it is because I cannot legally read the text I’ve pasted without plausibly violating their copyright.

“Copyright?” you say.

A religion predicated on copyright. There could be nothing more antithetical to the idea of religion than one that requires an army of lawyers to keep itself in operation. And there is nothing more disgusting to anyone that has a hope of copyright and intellectual property reform than the tactics undertaken by this religion.

Go ahead, friends, ask them politely for a free copy of their holy scripture. See what they say! “What would you like to change about your life?” (Gee, I hope that isn’t copyright too…) Say you’re doing a school report on major world religions? You get a free Bible, free Koran, free Torah, free pocket constitution… it has long been a tradition of any institution that seeks to promote ideas and the actions behind ideas to distribute freely their literature.

But not this religion. They are in the business of making money hand over fist. They are in the business of religion and if that’s not sick it’s certainly demented. But should it be a surprise? That they received tax-exempt status (501(c)) around 1993 after years of trying. So now they have their cake and eat it too. Must be nice, even if it’s mean.

The thing is, we owe it to ourselves to shut them down. They should have to pay taxes or should stop making money. The whole concept of a non-profit organization is that it doesn’t make money. They can have revenue, but the main goal is to keep operating expenses low and maintain a stable treasury. They do no such thing.

And it’s especially sick that they seem to believe I am not entitled to call myself one of them and start my own unaffiliated denomination. If they are a religion they surely can’t be entitled trademark protection and to exclude all they see fit, or can they?

Anyway, just thought I’d rant a bit about the bogeymen in business suits wielding their e-meters as they try to find the door to OTIX.


(But let’s suppose for an instant it said that I wasn’t authorized to download and retransmit that very copyright notice. I wouldn’t know anything about that and would kindly ask you to check that you’re in the right universe.)


And people say there’s no girls on digg…

Saw this in my RSS reader from digg: Jesh de Rox

Not up my alley, even though it seems well done. You can actually feel the illusory reality emanate from that site. The false, imposed ambiance. It’s something along the lines of a brand. A meme.

It’s the same kind of symbolism the Church and MTV and Suicidegirls and the like have traded in for a long time. There’s a kind of developed sensitivity to these things… certain triggers get tripped to let you feel a certain way.

It’s Friday night and you’re off from work. You’re driving to the movies with friends. Nostalgia for the billion other times you’ve been to the movies. All of the feelings of all of those theaters and movies rushing around in that soupy brain.

You bask in the remembrance of popcorns-gone-by and the time some strange lady thought you were her son and sat next to you for half the movie after she came back from the bathroom.

Association — the so-called train of thought. Now entering ‘this-makes-you-feel-like-this-ville’ And we have a hard time dissociating the meme from the instance. It’s hard to tell a stupid war apart from the quintessential old war, the big one. The one where men died for a greater cause and not just some greedy fools. We don’t want to separate the instance from the idea because it risks acknowledging our own feebleness.

So we don’t. We embrace the romantic meme because it feels good and that song may be lame but it’s okay to be lame if you feel good. We ignore how utterly mundane NASCAR is because it reminds us of our grandfathers or our uncles. It makes us think of giant elephants stampeding down the valley like thunder gods.

We love god because when we were children the ceiling seemed a million feet high and god was up at the very top: the apex of the steeple was stuck in his door, it was his peep-hole and as long as we were there he was watching. We love god because mom used to say how golden we were dressed up and she used to smile and there was nothing warmer than mom’s smile on Sunday morning. In mom’s smile the world outside did not exist, it was foreign and inconceivable. All that existed was happiness.

So sure, feed your romance meme. I won’t judge you for it, or for NASCAR or church or whatever. But please, please recognize it for what it is when you’re outside of it. Be brave enough to come back to earth and live with us and call the war what it is, call the internal combustion engine what it is, call the diamond industry what it is.

Don’t be a sucker to the brand. Let the meme stand on its own, and let an industry be separate.




earth day 2007

What are you doing for earth day? I’m building a scale replica of the earth.

What are you supposed to do? Plant a tree? Sing songs to the ground? Not drive? Seriously.

I guess the best thing I can think of to do for the earth today is acknowledge that it is awesome. We are all animated bits of dirt and water and other assorted chemicals in an elegant reaction. We lose sight of that and often consider ourselves part of a silly, abstracted, conventional existence known as society.

Society is not real, the earth is.

The earth wins.


(Also, please support recycling, alternative energy, public transportation, local farming, the Kyoto Protocol, population control, and any other pinko conspiracy to make sure we have a livable environment until the sun runs out of fissionable material. If you don’t I’ll not write your name in the book of life. Not a threat, a money-back guarantee.)


Kucinich to Seek Cheney Impeachment

I hope he follows through with this. I don’t think it will win him any votes and probably will cost him some of the few he gets. I also heavily doubt the impeachment will proceed. Still, it will become a matter of public record and that will be valuable for future generations that seek to rebuild the government and restore the peoples’ confidence therein.