The Price of the Sun

All this copyright business makes me wonder how screwed we would be if the same sort of business practices could easily be applied to things like that star over there that’s responsible for keeping this planet going. If, one day, there’s a sun tax, how big could it grow. How much could an institution get away with before people rebel?

Dutch Court Guilty

A Dutch court ruled that discussions of the tentative location of infringing content constitutes infringement of copyright in and of itself. This post and all links herein are believed to be free of infringing content.

Hulu: Pay Model?

Pricing models are a common problem for books, news, images, videos, movies, television, music, video games, software, web applications, academic articles, and the like. Will Hulu find the solution?

Music: How we listen

Most of the music is from artists the listener likes a lot. This is right tail on a bell curve. For example 50% of songs might come from ten artists, 80% from 20 artists, and 90% from 50 artists. The other 10% might come from hundreds.