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Where are the January 6th Anti-Democracy Legislators Now?

They voted against certification. How long will it take for the voters to clean up their mess?

I’ve seen a few stories about Repubs who voted to impeach Donald John Trump, but haven’t seen any kind of overview of those who voted to overturn the 2020 election. So I looked around. It’s kind of tricky since this is a redistricting year, and it’s still early so some states are still holding primaries. But here’s an overview.

There were 147 Repub members of Congress (eight in the Senate, 139 in the House) who voted to overturn the election results in either Arizona (2), in Pennsylvania (20), or in both.

Only one of the eight senators is up for reelection this year (Kennedy of Louisiana). But 130 in the House are up for reelection in 2022. Two have already lost primaries from the right. Only 15 are unopposed by Democrats (though several still have primaries or primary runoffs, and some will face third-party opponents in the general election).

Five House Repubs opted to run for the Senate. Odds have it that maybe two of them (Mullin in Oklahoma and Budd in North Carolina) will win their races and move to the cooling saucer. One has already lost in a primary runoff (Brooks in Alabama), and the other two probably won’t win their primaries.

One ran for the state’s attorney general (Gohmert in Texas, who lost the primary), one for secretary of state (Hice in Georgia, who lost the primary), and one for governor (Zeldin in New York, whose primary is on 28 June, and who has a decent chance to be nominated, but low prospects in November against the incumbent Democrat).

Two died, and four quit (including one, Jacobs in New York, due to NRA backlash over suggesting we should adopt reasonable gun regulation).

But the vast majority will be reelected. There are a handful in competitive districts, and depending on how the races break (with expectations this will be a bad year for Democrats), chances are that at least 119 will be back in the House next year. Chances are that they will form a majority of the Repub majority. That doesn’t mean they will be there in January 2025 for the next counting of electoral votes; that will depend on the November 2024 elections and all the happenings between now and then.

From the Senate:


And from the House, and likely returning, as follows:

New Jersey10–1
New Mexico10–1
New York42
North Carolina75
South Carolina54
West Virginia22

Six January Plus a Year

A year later, what can be said, except that not enough has been done.

Our government exists to protect our lands and our lives, and to see that we have a say in how that happens, in how our collective efforts bring us to a better future of prosperity. We make our voices heard, and that result is felt in the next stent of government at which point we adjust. And we repeat this every few years, in order that our nation may find its way forward in a complex world.

A year ago some Donald John Trump supporters decided America was theirs for the taking, that they didn’t give a rat’s ass what we thought. Led by Donald John Trump, they embarked on a campaign of lies and noise that culminated on 6 January, 2021, when they sought to steal our government and our law, to pervert it for their own preferences.

But behind them was a larger movement all focused on the same outcome through different methods. Their lying began well before the 2020 election, and they kept lying in all kinds of venues including courts and on all modern forms of media. And some are lying even today! They had no evidence, no real claim, but the design didn’t require either of those things. They at the top of the orgy of authoritarianism seek power through whatever means available, with the caveat that they don’t want to face consequences when they fail (which precludes only a few methods).

The party that shelters this element has repeatedly refused to take a stand or kick them out. Wyoming’s Republican party kicked out Representative Liz Cheney for her efforts to uphold American values. Several state party election officials have held meetings with liars where they say the state’s election was straight, even as the liar says otherwise. Other states have held bogus audits that still failed to deliver evidence as they invalidated the voting machines.

Those seeking Republican nominations, including for offices that administer elections, have voiced their zeal for the lies, portraying themselves as pliant servants of the devilry it represents. They say they will not certify valid elections that oppose the liars. They pass laws, and call for more to be done, to thwart legitimate electors from voting, and from allowing the result to stand, in order to suppress their political opponents.

The impeachment that followed the Capitol attack fell flat, with no new evidence, no testimony, and with a rush to move on, particularly by the Republican caucus of the Senate that had already stalled it while they retained the majority. The federal government is prosecuting the attackers, but as yet no charges for those who egged them on, who brought the mob. And the responsible parties continue to delay, if not defeat, any real accountability.

One year on, we haven’t seen real consequences for the liars, and we don’t see much reason to hope that they will come. For the briefest of moments, a year ago, after the attack, some prominent Republicans spoke as if they would finally return to reality even as others voted to remain in Delusionville. Only a few stayed in reality, most have returned to the land of filth and crud that is inaccessible to those of us with clear minds.

If Democrats and sane Republicans, along with businesses that want a real government more than tin-pot tax cuts (where’s the polling on that?), cannot act to put down this rebellion of the deluded, something besides the Republican party is certainly broken, and likely irrevocably so.

We do still have hope. Our hope is our ability to sift truth out of lies. That we will support those who seek to strengthen democracy, seek to build a better world for all, and we will reject them that won’t. In this division, we are fallible but determined. And over time we will get it right enough that good will prevail. The clock is ticking.