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Shield Your Eyes

Java applet to explore the Java graphics capabilities.

I’ve once again updated my little java graphics applet just for the hell of it. This time it’s somewhere between psychedelic and painful, so be cautious: here.

Just for the record I try to keep these things running fast, but I only test on my machine. I will say that this one used a little more of my processor running through a browser than it did when I was developing it. If you have trouble running it or think it’s lame, let me know. Peace.

2006 NIE…

Depriving the people of factual information for political purposes is bad. Stop it, government.

“And it’s on the front page of your newspapers. Isn’t that interesting?”

It is interesting. What? The April 2006 National Intelligence Estimate. That we see it at all is damned interesting.

What’s more interesting is that Bush says it’s politically motivated. Of course it’s politically motivated. That’s kind of the point: the people should have every right to properly evaluate their government’s actions, and at no time is that more important than when we are about to vote to change the government.

In ten or twenty years, maybe fifty, maybe two hundred, governments of the world will have requirements such as providing transparency and status reports and updates that allow the evaluation of their practices by their bosses. Until then we take what we can get. If you want to out-politic ’em, George, you’d better confess. It’s the only way you will.

And this is just a ramble. Let me know if you’ve got a Approval-Gas graph link that’s newer than the one I linked (last updated in March).