Terraria: Fun with Labor of Love

Terraria: Fun with Labor of Love

So many blocks to place.

Terraria recently released their “Labor of Love” update (occasioned by the fact they won the Labor of Love Steam Award last year).

I’ve had a lot of fun with Terraria over the years (through I only started playing in 2017), both playing through and building. Also coding. Though it’s bitrotted now, at one point I had built a Python program that could read/write the worldfiles and do basic changes to them (including, e.g., converting an image file into background walls). A really cool and fun game to mess about in.

For the new update, I’ve built a mini-world of Terraria inside of Terraria. (See the post art above.) The recent update makes building (especially with a journey-mode character) a lot nicer (specifically the larger item stacks and the echo coating).

Below are some older builds I made.



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