Fixing Government: End Central Planning

Let’s say you have a chain of ice cream parlors, ten in all, sprinkled over a large metropolitan area. You’re planning your next quarter, and so you send out a press release telling everyone in reading distance which parlors they should shop at, on which days, which flavors they should buy, etc.

Free as in Culture.

Before continuing I will simply note my own guilt in licensing the contents of this blog. Up until today I was using the Creative Commons 3.0 License with the Attribution and No Derivatives caveats. Today I’m glad to relicense all of the works under the simpler, freer Attribution, Share Alike license. This is much more in line with my general leaning toward the GPLv2 or later.

Incivil Disobedience

The participants must disobey the prompt that incivility poses. They must respond with care and defuse the situation rather than buying into the false story that the misbehavior is merely due to that person being an asshole or a troll.