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Called it: Format Wars

I knew the folding of Toshiba was too good to be simply losing the market. And that Blu-Ray is nothing but a holdover for soft-copies of media. So I gloated about it.

Back in January I wrote (“Blu-Ray ”wins”“) about Blu-Ray becoming the winner of the HD disc format.

Basically I said two things which have now been said by the MSM:

  1. Downloads and soft-media are going to takeover, making Blu-Ray’s “victory” an attempt to lock people in before it’s too late.
  2. It was the result of under-the-table deals like this one.

(Other deals include Sony paying media companies hundreds of millions to go Blu-Ray exclusively, etc.)

So, I was right for once. Hurray.

Since I’m on a roll with this prediction/sooth-saying stuff, I’m going ahead and laying out my next prediction:

wait for it

Harmonicas are making a comeback… this time digital. Expect major news to break in the next 48 to 528 hours announcing new, digital harmonicas. You heard it here first.


Blu-Ray ”wins”

The physical disc is doomed to dodo-dom. Blu-ray may have quote-unquote won, but the future is the network.

The apparent victory for the Blu-ray is a farce. They know the market is moving away from proprietary formats and portable media, so there has been anti-competitive, under the table agreements to end the fight between HD-DVD & Blu-ray.

The idea is that the adoption rates of either hasn’t been what was expected, and that without entrenching that technology soon enough they would risk not having consumers buying their cheap plastic discs for the next ten years.

It’s okay, though. As the network market grows, it will push for increased infrastructure and there isn’t a requirement for these expensive players. They’ll skim some profits for now, but those will continue to diminish as the physical sale of music has.