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Art: Abstract Flower

With abstract non-minimalism, it’s hard to avoid cluttering.

Sometimes it’s about color as much as anything. Flowers, of course, use color to make themselves known to pollinators. Bright and high-contrast with their environment. So to use bright colors, I needed some dull stuff around to set it apart.

Even in a fairly unambitious piece like this, I can still find some elements of interest, like the vase of the flower.

Art: Woman Half in Shade

What is her emotion? Worry? Happy? Some in-between state?

I don’t attempt much person-drawing or person-art because all the proportions and details and parts and it’s a lot to do and hard to get looking nice. It’s very easy to make it look wrong, and so it’s always a little embarrassing to show.

This one’s okay. I like the hair. The arms could be better, but at least they don’t look too much like weird tubes sticking out of a body.

One of the big challenges in art is that you could always spend longer and make it better, but at some point you have to say something is good enough to be done with and next time you’ll try to improve some.

Art: three pieces of fruit and half a nut.

What a nice snack!

Kind of a scifi picture. What are they talking to each other about? Are they part of a Voltron or Captain Planet type arrangement, where they combine their powers to fight evil? Why is there a half-nut (of what kind?!) with three pieces of fruit? Why are the nut and orange wedge not whole while the strawberry and grape are?

In any case, this image is surely part of a balanced diet.