Enturbulation: To agitate or disturb; to upset, harass.

I’m dropping Google Ads from my site, in part due to their loyalty to one of their customers, the Church of Scientology. a website dedicated to the peaceful dissemination of the truth about the Church of Scientology.

Apparently a lot of the advertisements through Google’s Adwords/Adsense campaign were being paid for by Scientology when the site itself was against the church. As a result Google has disabled their adsense account. They don’t want a customer (ie, Scientology) to stop giving them money. D’oh.

I’m ditching advertising on this site. I don’t get hits enough to justify the added space and added load times. Plus, some of the ads on this page that would accompany my own posts about Scientology or politics were actively clashing. I don’t support John McCain, yet ads for his campaign would appear.

In the past I handled that disjointness by ensuring the content I put here was clear about my feelings toward those companies or organizations. But as of today I’m ad-free. Google does a pretty good job in most things and I still respect the company. That said, their siding with Scientology on this matter as well as obvious aspects of their YouTube censorship lead me to conclude that the less direct affiliation I have with their advertising, the fewer thetans that might come my way.

Originally I put ads here because I wanted to get an idea of what they were about. It was easy and I recognized that I didn’t get enough hits to worry about making money off them so I let them stay. Time to kick the money changers out of this here temple. Heeeee-yah!


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